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Blogging with Purpose

This is my second attempt at blogging and this time round I intend to launch 5 topical blogs. All those who know me must wonder if I am being foolishly ambitious, and if it makes sense to start so big after a failed attempt.   I put in a lot of thought and even availed the counsel of my best friends (4 W’s and H – Why, What, Who, Whom and How). Finally, I have come to a conclusion that just like anything else, there has to be a specific purpose behind blogging to make it a priority.   This

@jshe – Your Legacy Will Live On

This is my first blog post and would like to pay my last respects to a dear friend. On 13th of February, I saw this post on the facebook profile of Jenny She. It read: This is a post from Sakura She, Melody She, Emily She and Harry She. We are very sad to tell her loyal facebook friends that our dearly beloved mum passed away on Wednesday, 11 February 2015. It was very peaceful and she was surrounded by us four kids. She fought a very brave battle with cancer for 2 1/2 years and far outlived her prognosis.