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Blogging with Purpose

This is my second attempt at blogging and this time round I intend to launch 5 topical blogs. All those who know me must wonder if I am being foolishly ambitious, and if it makes sense to start so big after a failed attempt.   I put in a lot of thought and even availed the counsel of my best friends (4 W’s and H – Why, What, Who, Whom and How). Finally, I have come to a conclusion that just like anything else, there has to be a specific purpose behind blogging to make it a priority.   This

Keynote Message

Hi! My name is Pramit J Nathan. I am a Marketing Consultant from India, specializing in Branding and Perception Management. Am also an author, trainer, teacher and an Entrepreneur – You can know more about me at my personal website.   I have contemplated blogging for long and it was also the reason why I joined Twitter (@PramitJNathan & @IamPramit). But I got so fascinated by Social Media and the plethora of good content out there that I was quite happy being a ‘content disseminator’. Finally though, I am fulfilling my only resolution for this year by becoming a ‘content