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Hi! My name is Pramit J Nathan. I am a Marketing Consultant from India, specializing in Branding and Perception Management. Am also an author, trainer, teacher and an Entrepreneur – You can know more about me at my personal website.


I have contemplated blogging for long and it was also the reason why I joined Twitter (@PramitJNathan & @IamPramit). But I got so fascinated by Social Media and the plethora of good content out there that I was quite happy being a ‘content disseminator’. Finally though, I am fulfilling my only resolution for this year by becoming a ‘content creator’.


I would like to believe that by donning multiple hats over the last two decades I have a lot to share in various areas. Over the year I intend to launch 5 distinct topical blogs and this blog will aggregate content from them all:


Idea to Entrepreneurship
Branding Marketing and Branding
Build Success Personal Development
Manage Perception Management
Place Health All about health


Please Note: I will announce the launch of these blogs here so stay tuned for the updates.


These blogs will contain the essence of what I have learnt over the years in the form of ideas & opinions, tips & tricks, dos & don’ts etc. I consider it my way of ‘paying it forward’. You may subscribe to individual blogs or just subscribe to this blog and get them all.


You can look forward to many exciting giveaways too… first of them being a collection of 10,000 short quotes (under 140 characters) accumulated during my stint on Twitter, with valuable tips on how to use them.


It will be my pleasure to learn from others who, having traversed a road, have a story to tell. I formally extend an invite to all who would like to share their valuable experiences and insights on any of the blogs as a guest blogger.


To the readers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and time. Needless to say your likes, comments and shares is what will keep me and my team going. So keep in touch, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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