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@jshe – Your Legacy Will Live On

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This is my first blog post and would like to pay my last respects to a dear friend.

On 13th of February, I saw this post on the facebook profile of Jenny She. It read:

This is a post from Sakura She, Melody She, Emily She and Harry She. We are very sad to tell her loyal facebook friends that our dearly beloved mum passed away on Wednesday, 11 February 2015. It was very peaceful and she was surrounded by us four kids. She fought a very brave battle with cancer for 2 1/2 years and far outlived her prognosis. We will be posting funeral details shortly.

jenny postIn 42 years of my life, I have never been so shocked to learn of someone’s demise. Let me tell you why, and am sure it will help us all relearn some valuable lessons of life that we all know but so often forget, which is also Jenny’s legacy to her social media friends.


But before that it is important to briefly focus on a widely debated and largely discounted topic – social media relationships. Jenny’s friendships with people all over the world, whom she met only through social media, will lay to rest any doubt on how meaningful such online bonds can be. One needs to only see the outpouring of grief to know how much she is missed by people from the ‘Virtual World’ whom she never met or even spoke to. Such love is a rarity today even in the ‘Real World’, and those who are so fondly remembered are considered blessed. Jenny is a testament to the fact that love transcends all barriers and boundaries.


The reasons why the news of her demise shook me up so badly are also the positive traits of her personality which we should all try and cultivate to really lead lives of significance.


jenny profile pic 1 Don’t Worry – Jenny was battling Cancer for over two years but absolutely nobody knew about it. I am sure it was not because she wanted to hide it but because she didn’t think it deserved any more attention than it was already getting. While we get caught up in our trivial issues here is a person who looked Cancer in the eye and said – Stop me from living if you can!

jshe 6 1Be Happy – One thing nobody can ever forget is her million dollar smile. In fact, I dont remember any picture of hers where she was not beaming. While we frown over our slightest of troubles she knew that a smile is a happiness signal the heart transmits which automatically brings a smile on the receiver thereby warming up their hearts. The loss we feel today is the lack of our regular dose of happiness!

jshe 7 1Live Enthusiastically – One impression anybody who read Jenny’s facebook posts would have got was – What an active and fun-filled life she led. While she brought sheer passion into everything she did despite her situation, many of us flow mindlessly through our mundane existence. No wonder we feel so burdened by our problems because only lives in momentum can ride over hinderances on the way.

jshe 8 1Give Unconditionally – I met Jenny first on twitter – she was @Jshe. I was known to consciously retweet (similar to like & share of facebook) people who retweeted me as a token of gratitude and remember the many retweeting sessions with her. While most of the people are very measured in their interaction and appreciation she rose over this ‘human nature’ and overwhelmed one and all with her love.


Incidentally her last tweet was a retweet too, and best personifies her spirit – “@Shareconomy4U: It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. – Babe Ruth”

jshe 5 1Keep Exploring – Seeing the myriad faces of Jenny through her pictures it was clear that she nurtured a child-like curiosity, which I am sure was recharged by the kids she taught. What I really loved about her was that she was so young at heart and was never hesitant to doing new things, different things. She taught me that life is a one-time offer and we need to grab it and make most of it!


Her life, especially the stint on social media, seemed like a fairy tale but in hindsight one can only imagine what she was going through while spreading cheer. I bow down and salute you Jenny for teaching me the crucial lessons of life all over again. Your legacy will live on dear friend through me and countless others… so rest in peace.


I have only one but a very important thing to say to Jenny’s kids – Sakura, Melody, Emily and Harry – Your mum was a Rockstar and you have no idea how many lives she has touched with her vibrant spirit, love and generosity.

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