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Dotcom Bubble 1998-2000 Revisited

Please Note: This blog post is a cartoon feature I had authored in 2003 as a retrospective view of the first Dotcom Bubble (1998 – 2000). I am publishing the article exactly as it was written 12 years back. Would request the readers to read it as if they are in 2003, and while reading they relate its contents to the contemporary dotcom boom (please note, I didn’t call it a bubble).   Abstract:To an average person what might seem logical now, was the biggest shock to the leading Business Gurus then. To a trained eye, it might even seem

Blogging with Purpose

This is my second attempt at blogging and this time round I intend to launch 5 topical blogs. All those who know me must wonder if I am being foolishly ambitious, and if it makes sense to start so big after a failed attempt.   I put in a lot of thought and even availed the counsel of my best friends (4 W’s and H – Why, What, Who, Whom and How). Finally, I have come to a conclusion that just like anything else, there has to be a specific purpose behind blogging to make it a priority.   This

Keynote Message

Hi! My name is Pramit J Nathan. I am a Marketing Consultant from India, specializing in Branding and Perception Management. Am also an author, trainer, teacher and an Entrepreneur – You can know more about me at my personal website.   I have contemplated blogging for long and it was also the reason why I joined Twitter (@PramitJNathan & @IamPramit). But I got so fascinated by Social Media and the plethora of good content out there that I was quite happy being a ‘content disseminator’. Finally though, I am fulfilling my only resolution for this year by becoming a ‘content