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Blogging with Purpose

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This is my second attempt at blogging and this time round I intend to launch 5 topical blogs. All those who know me must wonder if I am being foolishly ambitious, and if it makes sense to start so big after a failed attempt.


I put in a lot of thought and even availed the counsel of my best friends (4 W’s and H – Why, What, Who, Whom and How). Finally, I have come to a conclusion that just like anything else, there has to be a specific purpose behind blogging to make it a priority.


This time around my blogging is tied with a specific strategy that will impact every aspect of what I intend to undertake in the future. When blogging borrows from or lends to ‘real world’ activities it assumes a greater meaning and is not considered a chore.


At the expense of sounding terribly clichéd, there are 5 P’s that will drive my blogging. In fact, after reading other posts on the same topic I realized that all the possible reasons for blogging actually fall under these five driving factors. And even though these 5 P’s apply to me as an individual it should be considered by all entities before they start blogging. They are:


jenny postProvide Value – Value is the key ingredient of any successful blog. Useful content that helps others to walk the same path will have the addictiveness to bring back readers and the stickiness to make them stay longer. A blog should become a friend, mentor and guide for its readers.


I am a Web Evangelist and depend on a multitude of websites for almost everything. Though I can’t pay them all back for their service, blogging is my way of paying it forward. Learning from the best of online resources, to provide ‘real value’ will be my primary aim.


jenny postPursue Relationships – The ultimate aim of a blog should be to transform a first time visitor to a regular reader, then a content contributor and finally to a brand evangelist. It should engage the audiences in innovative ways and build strong long-term relationships.


While the web connected people with information, social media is connecting people with people. I have met many wonderful people worldwide and this is also one of the reasons I am confident of launching 5 blogs. By sharing their success stories I want to connect my readers with them too.


jenny postPersonal Development – Blogging is a big commitment and requires a great deal of discipline and diligence. I have seen a lot of individuals who start blogging, eventually evolve to become better people and smarter professionals. It puts you on a path of active learning and self-discovery.


Having trained, coached and mentored many in their journey of evolution I think it is time I do it for myself. It is said that one best preaches what one really needs to learn and I feel the good habits that I place a premium on, when I seek them in others, need to be inculcated in me and my team.


jenny postPromote Brand – Just by being online you are visible to a global audience. Blogging provides a platform to easily and effectively promote a brand (person or entity) simply by generating content that interests the audience. It should be central to content marketing of all brands.


As a branding and perception management consultant, it is time now to summon all my skills to promote brands that I am directly or indirectly attached with. I also know that the secret to do that is without actually trying to do so – Promotion is the natural progression of a good blog.


jenny postProject Expertise – Expertise to be truly recognized needs expression. By encapsulating the essence of experiences, blogging can establish an individual or an entity as a specialist in their area of pursuit. If done well, it helps build trust and credibility thereby making the brand stronger.


Gone are the days when knowledge was a ‘trade secret’, a brand to truly bloom today has to spread its fragrance far and wide. Expertise management is a key facet in my brand building strategy and I firmly believe all the experience and knowledge is wasted if it cannot be summarized and shared.


From my experience on Twitter I realized a majority of blogs have a short-sighted approach. Most of them are created with the primary aim of making money.  A blog is a powerful marketing instrument and should not be used for narrow gains. Its best results accrue when used in synergy with offline ventures. So with that in mind I intend to follow the 5 P’s to a T, and in the process present my readers with a wonderful experience.

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